Ashen Empires
Dungeons of Dransik

Dungeons of Dransik is a free expansion that features your creativity and design skills!

Make unique, exciting adventures with the Ashen Empires Content Creator, then share them in game with your friends (and anyone else brave enough to enter).

Start making your own Ashen Empires adventures today - you only need an account and the Pixel Mine Launcher.

What is the Ashen Empires Content Creator?
The Content Creator is an easy to use editor included in the free download of Ashen Empires. Use it to create maps that you can upload to our game servers. Did you know it's the same editor used to create the hit iPhone game Underworlds?

How do I get it?
When you download Ashen Empires you'll automatically receive the Content Creator. It's installed here:
.../Pixel Mine/Ashen Empires/data/aecontentcreator.exe

The Content Creator requires Windows XP or Vista, as well as XNA and .Net framework. Detailed requirements can be found in the Dungeons of Dransik Guide.

How do I use it?
The Content Creator is based on what you can do with three types of art: terrain, objects, and encounters. Pick the art, place it, customize it!

A complete Walkthrough and Guide to Dungeons of Dransik are included with the download, and can be found in this directory:
.../Pixel Mine/Ashen Empires/data/contentcreatorhelpfiles/

Use the guides to help you when you start making your maps!

What can I do with it?
The Content Creator is based on Verbs and Actions. Actions are tied to what the player does; they trigger Verbs. Verbs are tools you can customize. Start a conversation, teleport the player, hide or show objects for dramatic effects, and much more!

What next?
Next you can upload your map! You'll need a Dungeons of Dransik Map Slot, available from the token store. Upload your map and test it as much as you want. You can even upload new maps during this time to the same slot.

When you're ready you can publish it for anyone to play. You can even bind it to exclusive or high-traffic portals.

What's a portal?
A map portal is what you'll use to play everyone else's maps (you can play your own maps from any safe zone at any time by typing "/cc" in chat). There are currently four types of portals: Free, Paid, Guild, and Personal.

How do I find maps and portals?
Maps are bound to specific Portals, which are spread out across the lands: in towns, dangerous areas, even outside of player-owned houses! Use a Master Map Guide, a large tree-stump turned directory, to see where maps are located. Master Map Guides can be found in any aboveground town with a mage shop. You can even teleport to a map portal from a Guide using the Dungeons of Dransik Teleport Stones.

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