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Guide *PDF *DOC Author
Basic Guide to Skills
A simple guide to skills, how to level them, and their requirements.
Dungeons of Dransik Walkthrough
A step-by-step map walkthrough of how to make a map using the Ashen Empires Content Creator. Includes a sample map.
**See Below N/A GM FujiQ
Guide to Dungeons of Dransik
A reference guide for the Dungeons of Dransik expansion and Ashen Empires Content Creator.
**See Below N/A GM FujiQ
How to Make Power Hour, Spawn Increase
Brevelan's guide to making Power Hours and Spawn Increases (what you need, where to go, and other tips).
PDF DOC Brevelan Rosedale
New Player Guide
A comprehensive guide for new players that covers everything you need to know to play Ashen Empires, and more.
PDF DOC (See page 2)
Player Builds: A Guide to Orbs
Discusses attributes, orbs, stat bonuses, and lists several popular player builds.
Player Housing: A Guide to the Construction Expansion
A complete guide to building/mainting/decorating your home with screenshots and crafting information.

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