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Ashen Empires Newsletter
December 17, 2008


Tides of Fate is Released!
The long-awaited expansion was released this past Monday afternoon after several weeks of Open Beta testing. Read more about Boats and Feats on the Ashen Empires website, and visit our Secure Site to get your own copy.

Other changes
In addition to ToF, we released several non-expansion changes to Ashen Empires on Monday: Guild ranks, a revamped Guild menu, Dynamic Quests, auto-loot feature for subscribers, over 700 bug fixes, new store items (Dungeon Map Reveal, Personal Power Hour, Guild Respec, Guild Vault, Private Banker), a new skill for Player vs Player combat, permanent PVP on for level 106 + on Heroes, and the ability to mill/smelt/tan/spin/weave in stacks of 10 with level 100 skill.

Holiday Token Sale
Pixel Mine is having a 2 week long Holiday Token Sale special starting this Friday, December 19 until Friday, January 2. You'll get an extra 10% tokens with every purchase. (Purchase tokens here). Please contact Pixel Mine support with a ticket or email for any billing/payment issues you may have.

Secondhand Lands Open Beta
We'd like to invite our players to check out Secondhand Lands, a sister game on the Pixel Mine Portal! The Open Beta started last Friday so now's the perfect time to play, even if you've already given it a try. There are four non-human playable races, over 120 handwritten quests, player to player mounting (like partying), and an a la carte skill system for each race with opportunity for tons of character customization. Check out the website / trailer / screenshots and give it a try!

Website Update
The AE website was updated on Monday Dec 15 with a new guide, new fansites, a new player spotlight on Elayne Trakand and Gorgon, and updated info across several pages.

Happy Holidays from IWG and Pixel Mine
Warm wishes from Iron Will Games and Pixel Mine for the upcoming Holidays! Stay safe and have a great time!

About Iron Will Games
Founded in 2004, Iron Will Games is an independent game development studio located in Austin, Texas.
For more information, please visit www.ironwillgames.com.

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