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Ashen Empires Newsletter - June 2007
Ashen Empires Newsletter
AE Update
The much anticipated update is almost here! On Monday July 16th at 10:00am CST / 6pm GMT the update will go live. New monsters, items, quests, and a new dungeon are in the update in addition to bug fixes. A detailed description of whatís included to be posted on the AE website soon.
Lotor's Reception
Those of you who attended Lotorís wedding in June will be pleased to hear that Lady Anne has been returned to safety. The newlywed couple will be celebrating their marriage at the royal Reception, to be held on Saturday July 21. More information on server times will be made available at the AE Website next week.
AE Store Additions
The AE store has a few new additions that will be sure to entertain you and enhance the AE RPG experience. Players may now purchase one of 4 mask packs that will allow your character to change into various creatures, old Dransik ISO style avatars and even DRAGONS! Check them out in the game store once the update goes live!
Developer Q&A
Want to get some one on one time with One Eye? Have a burning question for Burningspear? Wait no more! We want to give you the chance to meet the Devs in game and ask them some questions during a special Dev Q&A session to be held in Lotorís Summer Palace. Server times will be announced on the AE Website.



Official Ashen Empires Website

AE Website 2.0
The AE website has a new face (as well as some new content!) which is part of an ongoing process to provide a better web presence for our hungry community. Check out the news page to see what's changed in the AE website.

Website Screenshot

Player Spotlight
The fourth installment of the Player Spotlight is here! This week we're interviewing Onix from the Legends server and Celtico from the Heroes server. Click on their picture below for the full interview! The 2nd and 3rd player spotlights can be found by clicking a player image below.
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