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Ashen Empires Newsletter - June 2007
Ashen Empires Newsletter
Summer Token Special
Everyone should get a break in the summer, so we’ve decided that this June your tokens will take you farther! For every token purchased you’ll get an extra 10% in free tokens! In order to take advantage of this offer, your tokens must be purchase directly from the Iron Will Games Secure Site using a credit card or money order. Purchases made from the PayByCash site are not eligible for this bonus.
Lotor is Taking a Queen!
Love must’ve been in the air this spring because King Lotor has just announced that he will wed Lady Anne from New Korelth! The ceremony and reception will be held at Lotor’s Summer Palace on June 9th. All are most cordially invited to attend. Server times will be announced soon. Check the announcement forum for more information.
Housing Contest Winners
Did you miss the results of the housing contest? The winners were announced in this forum post a few weeks ago. Congratulations go to Still Da Mom for an amazing house and a free month of play!

Honorable mentions went to Sybil and Siabhra. Be sure to congratulate them all in game when you get the chance!
News Reporters
We’re pleased to announce the new AE reporters! The Freshest Diva and Tempester will be posting regularly about what’s happening within the community. Their first news articles will appear on the Ashen Empires blog page soon!
New Staff
IWG has been expanding lately to better serve our community! We've added 2 new staff members. GM FujiQ will be taking over the marketing effort for AE and GM Monkeyfist will be assisting in the support department. Welcome aboard!



Official Ashen Empires Website

AE is now free to play!
In case you haven’t heard, Ashen Empires is now free to play!  That’s right, you can come back and play the game without any obligation.  Simply download the game, log in to your account, and you will be back playing the game you love.

Download AE!

Player Spotlight
The Player Spotlight is a new feature in the AE newsletter. This week we're interviewing Starlight from the Legends server and I Love Suki from the Heroes server. Click on their picture below for the full interview!
I Love Suki
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