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Ashen Empires

Ashen Empires June Newsletter

June 11, 2008

Veldan Spring Update
The Veldan Spring Update was released on Wednesday June 4. Thanks to everyone who was able to help test the update! We were able to hammer out an incredible number of bugs in a very short time. For a list of what this update brought to AE, read this forum post or website announcement.

Who will gain your allegiance? You may ally with one of three factions (Lotor, Talazar, or Neutral) and take over opposing towns to gain a long-lasting buff. Players on H can earn faction points through faction PVP and spend those points on special gear.

PVP Island
Your skills are courage will be put to the test on PVP Island, a revolutionary free for all contest. Entrance is only 10 tokens but each player you kill will put 6 back in your pocket. When you are defeated or choose to return, all winnings go back with you. Give it a try today by speaking to the NPC in Lotor's Summer Palace!

Server Move Price Reduction
From now until the end of June, both Regular and Deluxe Server Moves will be half off their usual price. You can purchase one in game or on the web. To use it, log in to the secure site and view your character information (more instructions can be found here).

Before & After Screenshots
Veldan is the god of the earth in Dransik. It should come as no surprise that his namesake update was not without an artful and majestic touch to the landscape. New grass, trees, and dirt have revitalized the world! A series of before/after shots can be found here.

About Iron Will Games
Founded in 2004, Iron Will Games is an independent game development studio located in Austin, Texas.
For more information, please visit www.ironwillgames.com.

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