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Ashen Empires Newsletter

November 7, 2007

King Lotor's Crusade Raffle
King Lotor needs adventurers to help him battle the evil forces of Talazar! He has pledged to support a few brave adventurers in the crusade against evil, but he needs some help deciding who he will bless. ONRPG.com has agreed to aid King Lotor in a special raffle where 1 adventurer will receive a 6 month subscription, 3 will receive a 3 month subscription, and 10 others will receive a 1 month subscription. Instructions on how to participate can be found here.

Expansion Naming Contest Results
After combing through a list of over 1330 suggestions for the next expansion, we’ve narrowed it down to one name: The Tides of Fate. The two players who suggested the name, forum user Asly and CaleAlexander, will be awarded with a free copy of the expansion when it is released. It was a very difficult decision to make as there were several great entries. Runner ups included "The Call of the Sirens," "Veiled Depths," and "Forsaken Seas." Thanks to everyone who participated!

New AE Reporter
Please welcome our newest AE Reporter, Midnight! Congratulations from the IWG team! His first article, which takes a look into some of the different builds in Ashen Empires, can be found on the AE website's AE Reporter section.

Player Spotlight
For our 10th spotlight, I sat down (well, stood I suppose) with Malodious from Legends and Kyra Samael from Heroes. These two delightful veterans help make it fun to come to work every day! Read about them on the Player Spotlight page. 

About Iron Will Games
Founded in 2004, Iron Will Games is an independent game development studio located in Austin, Texas.
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