Ashen Empires
Veldan Spring Update
Will you aid Lotor in the battle to restore order and peace to the world of Dransik or will you cast your lot with the rogue armies of the great fallen Rune Warrior, Talazar? Or, perhaps you will claim allegiance to no master and follow your own path.

The Veldan Spring Update was released June 4 to both Servers. The difference is that the L server cannot engage in PVP or get faction points to use at faction gear stores.

Covered on this page are:
- Factions & Town Sieges
- PVP Rules
- PVP Island
- Other Important Changes

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Factions & Town Sieges

Joining/Changing Factions
You may ally with one of three factions: Lotor, Neutral, or Talazar. All characters begin as Neutral. To join a faction, talk with a faction officer in Lotor�s Summer Palace. They will give you a series of quests. Once you complete the quests you will be part of that faction. You can change faction from Lotor to Neutral to Talazar and back from Talazar to Neutral to Lotor, but you cannot change directly from Lotor to Talazar or vise versa.

Opposing Faction Rules
Lotorian and Talazarian players are open to be attacked by the opposing factions at all times. Guards in a hostile town controlled by the opposing faction will attack and attempt to kill players of the other faction. Lotorian and Talazarian players may attempt to take over a Neutral or opposing town by attacking and defeating the Town Guardian. The Town Guardian is a very strong boss who lives in certain towns. Towns without a Town Guardian cannot be sieged.

Neutral Faction Rules
Neutral players can walk freely in any town and cannot be attacked by other players unless they are wanted for attacking an NPC (including town guardians), turn their PVP flag on manually (type /pvp), or heal someone of a different faction. Once the Neutral player�s PVP flag is on it will not turn off for 24 hours. Neutral players may participate in a town siege with a different faction and help take over a town (type /pvp lotor ; /pvp talazar to temporarily ally with a faction).

Town Sieges and Faction Points
When you defeat the town guardian, the town will change to alignment to that faction. Depending on your participation, you will get a certain number of faction points for defeating the town guardian. There are NPCs in LSP that sell faction armor for faction points. You can only wear that armor when it matches your alignment. Thus, if you buy Lotorian faction armor and switch to the Neutral or Talazar faction, you cannot equip the Lotorian armor until you change back.

Faction Points
Faction points can be earned by participating in a successful town siege and defeating a player of the opposing faction. NPCs in Lotor's Summer Palace will exchange the points for special PVP gear.

New Colors
You can check a player�s faction by looking at the color of their name or by viewing their character screen . White stands for Lotor, green for Neutral, and orange for Talazar. Light green is for neutral players flagged for PVP and flashing grey indicates the player is wanted. Blue is a special color reserved for GMs and Developers. Hostile creatures have red names while non-hostile creatures (like deer and wolves) have yellow names.

PVP Rules

You can always attack a member of the opposing faction (Lotor v Talazar). However, you can only attack a neutral player who is flagged for PVP. When flagged, a Neutral player's name changes from green to light green. The flag can get turned on for looting a player's corpse, killing someone 20 levels below you (regardless of faction), healing someone of another faction, attacking any NPC, or by typing /pvp.

Looting items from a dead player�s backpack will immediately cause you to become wanted, at which point you are flagged for PVP and will be attacked (and jailed) by any surrounding guards. Only items from the player�s backpack can be looted, armor and weapons they have on at the time of death cannot be looted. Players killed by a someone 20 levels above them will not drop any loot.

PVP Island

To enter PVP island you must purchase a pass from the store for 10 tokens and then speak to the PVP island NPC on the west bank of Lotor�s Summer Palace. You will enter at a random spot on PVP Island with all of your current gear and the belongings in your backpack, at which point you may attack and be attacked by other players, regardless of the faction alignment.

There are no restrictions to PVP on the Island, except that you cannot loot another player's corpse. For each player you defeat, you will earn 6 tokens. For each player of the opposite faction that you defeat (Lotor v Talazar) you will earn 5 faction points (one more than usual).

Once you enter there is no time restriction on how long you can stay. If you are killed by another player you will return with your winnings to Lotor�s Summer Palace. You can also choose to leave PVP Island at any time by talking to the �Leave PvP Island� NPC and return to LSP with your winnings. If you leave PVP island at any time you must pay to enter again. There are no other NPCs or monsters on PVP Island. Be prepared with healing potions and other items you will need to survive.

Other Important Changes
In addition to the above systems, other changes have been made to the game. Taskmasters are back, there is new art for grass and trees (before and after screenshots available here), new starting area quests & content, and new craftable mage gear.

In addition, racial bonuses have changed. This is the first phase for bonuses, there are plans to add more at a later date (read about that here).

New Racial bonuses
  • Human: 1 INT per 20 levels
  • Orc: 1 STR per 20 levels
  • Elf: 1 DEX per 20 levels

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