Ashen Empires
The Legends server is a Non-PvP Server, where players focus mainly on hunting, tradeskilling, and battling monsters to gain valuable treasure. Attacking other players is forbidden on the Legends server - however, there is an Arena for players or guilds that would like to duel one another.

Legends is a more relaxed, friendly environment.

The main global chat channel for the Legends server is: LEGENDS

Heroes is a PvP (Players vs Player) Server. You may do any action avaliable on the Legends server, however, you are allowed to attack other players according to the Faction rules. Other players are free to attack, kill and steal your treasure.

Heroes is a competitive, fast-paced environment.

The main global chat channel for the Heroes server is: SANCTUARY

Switching Servers
Are you new to Ashen Empires and think you've picked the wrong server? Don't worry! Each account has four character slots per server.

If you don't want to start over, we also offer two store items that let you move a character from one server to another: Server Move (Regular) and Server Move (Deluxe). The Deluxe move lets you switch servers with all items and posessions, the Regular move lets you switch with just your equipment and backpack.

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