Ashen Empires
Skill WindowDo you wish to duel monsters in close combat or stay in quiet quarters practicing the art of leatherworking? There's something for every taste in Ashen Empires. Whether you are drawn by the whiz of arrows or the thrill of discovering new alchemical compounds, you can choose from a variety of skills to craft a unique character.

Learning Skills
There is no limit to the number of skills you can learn. You just have to know how to begin training them. Check the Skill Guide for info on how to begin leveling skills.

As a new player on Valinor, speak to all of the tutors in the main hall. They will give you basic items for free to help you get started.

Leveling Skills
As you discover and use skills you will gain experience in them. Leveling a combat skill often translates to more damage dealt with that weapon (STR and DEX attribute determines chance to hit and to hit damage). Higher level tradeskills allow you to either craft more powerful and useful items, or have a better chance of crafting more high quality products.

If you choose to take a break from manually learning skills, try and find quests around the land. Some quests may give you a large amount of experience towards a given skill.

Spending Experience PoolExperience Pool (epool)
Experience Pool (aka epool) is something you can receive as a quest reward. You can spend it towards non-maxed Combat skills. The amount of epool you can spend is shown at the bottom of the Skill window.

Press the [+] sign next to a non-maxed combat skill, which will bring up an entry box. Enter how much epool you want to apply towards that skill.

Task Masters
Task Masters give you crafting tasks for excellent experience! You must have a VIP membership and be level 10 in their tradeskill to work for a Task Master.

Task Master's LockboxThey will give you a box and ask you to fill it with items; as you create that item, it will be added to the box. When you are done, return the box to the Task Master. You may receive a task that is too difficult for your current crafting level; if so, double click to destroy the box and ask for a new task.

There aren't Task Masters for every trade skill. Below is a list of Task Masters; the picture to the right shows where they can be found in Lotor's Summer Palace.

1. Carpentry
2. Farming
3. Brewing
4. Tailoring
5. Blacksmithing
6. Leatherworking
7. Runecrafting
8. Jewelcrafting
9. Alchemy

Orc Mining HelmBonus to Skills
You can get bonuses to skills from equipment and from your race. Your "bonus" levels will be shown in green to the right of the total skill level. The Orc Mining Helm pictured to the left gives you 15 bonus levels to the Mining skill while it's equipped!

Need Help?
Do not hesistate to ask a member of the community if you are stuck. There will always be people willing to help.

Also, pay attention to your chat window and cursor. When you click on a skill item it will often direct you on how to use it. For example, click a piece of raw snake meat. It will ask you which oven you'd like to use it on.

Read our Basic Guide to Skills for a list of all Skills and how to begin training them, as well as other useful information.

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