Guilds are a very important part of the Ashen Empires community. Most guilds in Ashen Empires help their members complete quests, level up, obtain rare items, tradeskill, and make new friends. Each guild is different, so evaluate them all before you join to find the right fit.

You can see what guild someone is in by looking at the guild tag next to their name or by right clicking them to bring up their player screen.

Creating a Guild

You may create your own guild by completing the guild quest. The guild quest is difficult and requires at least 8 helpers. This is done to ensure that guilds are started by experienced players who have already assembled a team of players that are committed to the guild. Start by talking to Malmondrik who resides in Holendar’s mansion. The mansion a short walk north and east from the city of Varg.

Speak to Malmondrik to start the Guild Quest

Once you have completed the guild quest, press “G” to open your guild menu. Click the Guild Deed to set up your guild’s information.

Guild Deed
  • Name: Name of the Guild that will appear on your player screen
  • Abbreviation: Up to four letter abbreviation shown next to your character
  • Color: Color of the guild name and abbreviation
  • Ranks: Your own name for the 5 guild ranks (see below)

Note – This can only be done once, unless you purchase the Guild Respec from the Store.

Adding Members

As the General, Captain, or Officer press the Add Member icon and click on the person you want to add. A deed will be created for them in your backpack. Trade it to them to invite them to your guild.

Add Member Icon

Guild Ranks
There are 5 ranks in each guild. You can customize the name of each rank when you first create your guild, and each time you purchase a Guild Respec from the store. There can only be one Guild General.

  • General: This is the leader of the guild. Can build/manage/destroy guild hall, transfer guild leadership to another member, disband the guild, add/kick members, promote/demote members, change message of the day, and loot other guild members.
  • Captain: Can add/kick members, promote/demote members that are Officer rank or below, change the message of the day, and loot other guild members
  • Officer: Can add members, change the message of the day, and loot other guild members
  • Member: Can loot other guild members
  • Recruit: No special privileges

Guild Halls
Guild leaders who are VIP members and have the Construction expansion can build a Guild Hall. These are large homes that can only be accessed by guild members. You can purchase vaults and private bankers for your guild hall from the store.

Guild Level
Any experience gained by a guild member goes towards the guild’s level, which can be seen in the guild window (press “G”). 

Guild Experience

WARNING: On both servers certain guilds are very powerful in terms of numbers and high level players. Your relationship with them may drastically change your play experience, particularly on the PVP servers, so be careful in your dealings with other players!