Ashen Empires July Update

This is primarily a pre-Steam patch to address some polish level fixes in low level content/quests. For those that are wondering how that is going outside of content/polish fixes – our Steam client is in closed beta testing; it has some enhancements such as snap to windows, updated directx draw/optimization, fixes for UI config saving, party window healing/buffs. That will be available with Steam which we plan to launch later this summer (date TBD).


  • Removed spawn of NPCs at burning bridge on Valinor
  • Capped Valinor, Krog, Silvest spawns so they can’t get too crazy with Spawn Increase
  • Removed placeholder from most mainlands (non expansion) bosses
    = Arrlandah
    = Illanpa
    = Wasp Queen (Darkwoods)
    = Brood Queen (Darkfell)
    = Ewwww
    = Termigon Queen
    = Slobberknocker
    = Oak Rot
    = Wasp Queen (Krythan)
    = Hugla
    = Master Blaster
    = Chugga Bam Bam
    = Greenteeth
    = Ryonkah
    = Scalo
    = Spore Summon
    = Umbergon
    = Meklor
    = Unkea
    = Ignis Fatuus
    = Snagglefang


  • Changed name of Dull Gemed Staff > Dull Gemmed Staff
  • Adjusted weight of spider legs
  • Adjusted resale value of Silk Cape, Cloth cap, Colored Cloth Caps
  • Resale value on Bark Shield and Blue Workers Gloves
  • Removed yellow silk robe from alchemy shops
  • Updated stats on crafted silk armor to be more level appropriate
  • More informational text for players on using items
  • Fix for torches (would become broken)


  • Newbie quests will check if player can hold rewards in their backpack
  • Newbie mage trainers will inform player they can cast higher level spells with Dull Gemmed Staff, will give a Rune of Kuthos when they are given that staff and print instructions about reaching level 10 in skill.
  • Mage Trainer adjusts for new players + print to chat instructions when receiving wand.
  • Storage Crate given at end of farming quest
  • Changed up Newbie farming quest to teach player to dig hole and plant seed.
  • Redo on Newbie Tailor quest (to match the updated tailoring progression)
  • Fix for mage quests that you could get stuck on and get gem staff over and over
  • Swapped Roger Duncan quest reward potion of repair for potions of stamina
  • Can kill mages or brigands on Karter Jons kobold quest stage that needs you to hunt for pages
  • Updated quest stage directions for Sozal, Kobold Lake
  • Foreman Drell gives directions to the mine entrance for Cliffside


  • Adjust to intro NPCs; less text, more hints printed to chat
  • Update to Sergeant Sevareth dialogue
  • Kristanna dialogue updated
  • Rabak dialogue updated


  • Adjust for spinning/weaving times on Cotton/Silk/Wool
  • Adjust for xp/difficulty on Cotton/Silk/Wool crafting at early levels
  • Added cotton seed and empty buckets to ag shops
  • Adjusted price on cloth/wool/silk for design rebalance:
    = Silk Cap
    = Cloth Gloves
    = Cloth Cap
    = Colored Cloth Gloves
    = Colored Cloth Caps
    = Woolen Cap
    = Pants
    = Cloth Bag
    = Colored Pants
    = Short Cloak
    = Tunic
    = Colored Tunics
    = Cloth Dress
    = Cloak
    = Woolen Gloves
    = Cape
    = Woolen Sash
    = Cloth Robe
    = Woolen Slippers
    = Silk Gloves
    = Woolen Pants
    = Woolen Cloak
    = Silk Sash
    = Silk Pants
    = Wide Silk Sash
    = Long Cape
    = Woolen Tunic
    = Silk Cape
    = Woolen Dress
    = Woolen Robe
  • Added fertilizer to Farming Guidebook
  • Added info to fertilizer, when clicked to use it gives instructions in yellow.
  • Fixed typo ferilizer > fertilizer
  • Bumped cinnamon and lime seed forage rates on Newbie island


  • Fix for event not cleaning up spire that despawns (from no one attacking it in certain period of time)


  • Grammar on food messaging, added commas + when eating, said “such and such increases health constitution and intelligence!”
  • Fixed Mataarzal NPC named Banker

CHAOS ONLY Hotfix 7.7.2022

A small hotfix that includes some changes to consummables. These changes will drop to H/L eventually also.

  • Adjust on Rineguile quest – chance to get slime from slugs is now 1 in 10 from 1 in 16.
  • Adjusted a few consumables (see below)
  • All brewed drinks last 1 hour instead of 30 min
  • Chlera Hard Cider gives Stam Regen and Dex vs just Dex
  • Hobgoblin Strong Ale gives +5 str/con vs +4
  • Northern Frost Mead gives +10% Health Regen vs 5%
  • Cooked Purker gives 2 Con 2 Int
  • Cooked Casucs gives 1 Dex 1 Stam Regen
  • Orange Snagger gives +3 Str +3 Con
  • Speckled Tithia gives +4 Int +2 Con vs just Int
  • Jester Fish gives +3 Dex and +10% Health Regen
  • Redfin Bloater gives +2 Str/Dex/Int vs 2 int/con
  • Dragonhead Perch gives +3 Str +2 Con +10 Health Regen
  • Apple gives +2 Con
  • Potatoes give 50 HP
  • Carrots give +2 to hit
  • Lime gives 25 HP
  • Lemon gives 5% disease resist
  • Cherries give +2 Dex
  • Coconut can be eaten; gives +2 Dex +1 Stam Regen
  • Milk food effect doubled from 10 min to match other similar foods
  • Grammar Fix in Patron text
  • Oil of Jandros now does a shield effect (mitigation)
  • Poison Potions/Disease potions instruct player to apply to a weapon
  • Typo Resurected > Resurrected
  • Wizard Familiars now limited follower similar to VIP pet

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