Ashen Empires Sept 5 Hotfix

For Hotfixes, the servers don’t have to come down. We changed the following while you weren’t looking:

  • Fix for trainers. A flag wasn’t being set after reward on some of the trainers, blunts in particular. If still having issues, a GM will have to fix you up. Apologies for that inconvenience!
  • Removed restriction on CK/LK (you can do both now at same time)
  • Fix for Fishing Pole capacity check
  • Added 1 item reward from Dalvon Miner in addition to ring. Player can select Armor, Leggings, or Helm. Gloves/boots must be hunted for in the cave. All pieces drop from mobs in the cave as well.
  • Removed skeleton pups from Silvest patron quest

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