Ashen Empires – Sept 7/8 Patch Notes

We did a few patches on the this week. Here are the combined notes.


  • Game Crash: Closing All Chat Windows.
  • Clicking Buy Tokens should check for Steam Overlay and explain how to turn it on if it’s off
  • Player Pets Remain After Teleporting Away on Guard/Stay.
  • Store product Name Change! allows player to go beyond the char limit presented in Char Create
  • *Fix for epool on advanced skills (Block, Dodge, Crit Hit, Crit Heal, Double Attack, Extended Duration)


  • Alignment gain on killing evil players.
  • Fixed for reputation gain when attacking players of lower reputation – should not move reputation # at all in this instance.
  • NPC Crims Hanvik/Lonvia/Tarvan no longer make you go wanted for attacking them
  • Killing any animal that is neutral or better will not change alignment either way (chickens, gazelle, deer, dolphin, etc)
  • Killing Humanoid NPCs that are neutral or better will cause you to LOSE 5 reputation per kill (most bipedal townsfolk/guards/etc)
  • Adjusted alignment loss for going wanted/killing players (see Discord for exact #)


  • Fixed the formatting for tooltips on several items (Reinforced Battle Axe, Champion Axe, Pristine Baton, Crossbow of the Viper, Soldiers Light Crossbow)
  • Updated material/tooltip on legacy cloak to reflect leadership bonus
  • Adjusted weight of newbie small blades (rusty pocket knife, lead dirk, woven blade, shiny dagger)
  • Updated resists on Valekar’s and Azure Silk up to 5% from 2/3%
  • Druid Staff sometimes summons a rogue wyvern
  • Fix for slop buckets
  • Resale value of fertilizer reduced
  • Reduced planting difficulty of Bloodroo


  • Changed alert distance on Blackwidow Hatchlings to smaller radius
  • Removed Dalvon Armor treasure from Master Blaster to discourage camping.
  • Updated drop chances for Snagglefang, Deadwillows, Wasp Warriors, Deadwillow Roots, Ice Fragments
  • Removed soloable tag from Minor Storm Giants, Weakened Ettins
  • Adjusted spawns in Proudblood Valley slightly


  • Fix for trainers. A flag wasn’t being set after reward on some of the trainers, blunts in particular.
  • Removed restriction on CK/LK (you can do both now at same time)
  • Added 1 item reward from Dalvon Miner in addition to ring. Player can select Armor, Leggings, or Helm. Gloves/boots must be hunted for in the cave. All pieces drop from mobs in the cave as well.
  • Removed skeleton pups from Silvest patron quest
  • Removed spider queen from Lotorian Knight quest mob list
  • Added id skill exp to reward from LK quest, and points towards individual mob (same calc as ID calc)
  • Anton Darushk will ask for neutral or worse aligned player (was evil or worse) during Warlord quest stage that requires you to start that town’s mini quest


  • Capped Ice Bolt damage at 550


  • Replaced banker in Gulley with one that wasn’t evil
  • Moved a barrel blocking room in Fort Eastwatch


  • Fix for Fishing Pole capacity check
  • Fix for Deadwillows – they were marked as a corpse in editor, mage spells could not cast on them
  • Gave more info to warning message on lighting kindling in town (can light in safe zones, just not in towns)
  • Some monitors/Resolutions crop title screens weird
  • Game Crash: Closing all windows
  • Cannot type in a quantity when buying/selling in shop
  • Backpack dropping on H/L not following drop config

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